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Author of Some Kind Of Black

Amber Moss

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Some Kind Of Black


Bucket of Thorns

Some Kind of Black by Amber Moss is one of the most powerful collections of poetry that I have ever read. I was very fortunate to receive an ARC copy from Nymeria Publishing in exchange for an honest review, and wow was I blown away by how honest and compelling this collection was. Moss tackles racism, violence, love, beauty, and so much more, in a way that is both direct and incredibly raw. Not the mention, Moss’ prose is next level.

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As a busy mom of 3 young children, I don't get much time to sit down read a book for my own pleasure, I am very pleased to have read the whole book in an hour or less. That may mean it's actually a short book, but I really appreciate the style it's written in where each page is short with its words..The author's story was intriguing as much as it was visually pleasing to my eyes.

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Moss's control of language is amazing; her words impact you exactly how she wanted them to. You can see her background in English shining through with every piece. It's clear that this woman knows what she feels and knows how to get you to feel the same.

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