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“Poems He'll Never Read" is a profoundly moving and beautifully crafted poetry collection that delves into the intricate labyrinth of heartbreak, weaving lines that resonate with the raw essence of human vulnerability.

Within these pages, readers will embark on a poetic journey through the wreckage of shattered dreams and fractured souls. Each poem is crafted to capture the profound ache of love lost, the bitter taste of goodbye, and the haunting echoes of what could have been.

"Poems He'll Never Read" is a tribute to the resilience of the heart, forever reaching for hope amidst the confusing world of dating.

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What does it mean to be Black? In this daring poetry collection, Some Kind Of Black challenges Black stereotypes and dissects the connection between skin color and personal trauma. The author questions her culture while detailing her own experiences in the Black community. While exploring her bloodline and current relationships, Amber Moss uncovers the threat of brown skin.


Some Kind Of Black investigates colorism, mass incarceration, identity, and survival. Moss takes the reader through the struggle for inclusivity as she discovers there is no formula to being Black. From adolescence to adulthood, Moss learns to embrace her identity and the community that once evaded her.


This book displays not only a powerful ending of self-reflection but also a tribute to every Black man or woman that lost their lives in the quest for equality and freedom.

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