Editorial Articles

Why You Absolutely Must Upgrade Your Wardrobe for 2019
(NYGal Magazine, January 2019)
The Best Bra for Every Size
(NYGal Magazine, March 2019)
Tips & Tricks to Styling Your Hair at Home
(SoHo Blow Bar, November 2019)

Technical Documentation:

Beiens Cartoon RC Race Car Repair 
(iFixIt, January 2016)

Marketing Content

Flurandrenolide or Triamcinole Acetonide
(NY Allergy & Sinus Centers, May 2019)
COVID-19 and Its Potential Treatments
(NY Allergy & Sinus Centers, April 2020)


I Am Just Like My Mother
(Bewildering Stories, August 2018)
Bucket of Thorns: Full Poetry Collection
(Amazon and Barnes & Noble, May 2020)
Skin Color As Inconvenience
(Liminality, September 2020)
Summer in The Countryside
(Poetry Super Highway, January 2021)


Ghislain Pascal, Alexander James, Georgina Greenslade, Dan Mitchell
(ODDA Magazine, May 2020)
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